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Noreen By Razia Butt


Noreen By Razia Butt

 Razia Butt, voice of the middle class women and a prolific writer, was laid to rest in DHA graveyard on Friday. She breathed her last on Thursday night at the age of 89. Born in Rawalpindi in 1924, Razia introduced herself in literary circles in her teens, when she developed her first story, appeared in a literary journal, into a novel, Naila. Razia - popular with many generations of readers - authored around 51 novels and 350 short stories. She also wrote many radio plays. Bano, Dastaan, Najia, Saeqa, Chahatein Kaisey and Naheed are considered her best literary works. Some of her novels were adapted for big screen like Naila and Saiqa.

“Her death is a great loss to Urdu literature. She was one of the greatest women writers of her times,” said renowned columnist Munno Bhai, while talking to Daily Times.

He said that Razia’s contribution to Urdu literature could not be denied and her work would be remembered forever. Razia’s novels and stories not only entertain the readers, but also carry subtle lessons and hidden messages for them.

“She depicted family life, its problems, conflicts among relations and romance. She represented women of the middle and lower middle class in her writings,” said famous poet and writer Amjad Islam Amjad.

He said that Razia’s novels and stories had great impact on readers in the 60s, 70s and 80s.

“It was due to Razia’s literary works that women digests were brought into the market and stories on social issues became popular,” he said. Her critics say that in Razia’s novels, people mostly find the story revolving around romance and love and she entertains readers by creating a beautiful situation through fictitious characters. That’s why she was more popular among women and youth. Her writing skills deserve all praise, as she involves the reader in the story in such a way that soon the reader becomes one of the characters. “Sharing the experience of the character, the reader faces reality at close range and faces trials and tests of life, the nature of which he has never experienced before. As such Chahatein Kaisey strengthens the character of the one who reads it and prepares him for the worst,” said one of his admirers.

“I met her and found her a loving, kind, generous and simple woman. She was very popular in her times, but she never boasted of it,” said Amjad Islam Amjad.
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